Palestinian football teamThe Palestinian Football Association has requested the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) to host its football team for the upcoming matches.

According to AFF, citing a formal letter of request by the Palestinian authorities, the Palestine football team is keen to play its upcoming matches in Afghanistan.

AFF further added that the Palestinian authorities have specifically asked for a football match between Palestine and Syria to be hosted in Afghanistan.

The letter has been forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan to assist the Afghanistan Football Federation in this regard, AFF added.

Welcoming the request by the Palestinian authorities, AFF said the request is a gesture of hopes and trust of the Palestinian Football Association towards the Afghanistan Football Federation by requesting to host its team in Kabul.

AFF also added that the request could also express the might of the Afghanistan Football Team in Asia, insisting that AFF is fully prepared to host the Palestinian and Syrian teams and provide them with the necessary facilities.

According to AFF such arrangements would only be possible if the government agrees to host the Palestinian football team.