Gen. ZadranThe newly-appointed police chief of southeastern Paktika province Gen. Dawlat Khan Zadran was dismissed two hours after assuming charge of the post.

According to reports, Gen. Zadran was appointed as the provincial police chief based on a formal letter issued by the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan.

Gen. Zadran was reportedly dismissed and was replaced by provincial security chief Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai following a delegation’s visit to Paktika from Kabul on Tuesday.

The appointment and hasty dismissal of Gen. Zadran as the new provincial police chief has surprised the local residents of Paktika province.

The local residents are saying that the issue stemmed from the internal issues of the provincial government, questioning the appointment of Gen. Zadran as the new police chief by MoI and his hasty dismissal.

They also criticized the government and said the Ministry of Interior was not supposed to appoint Gen. Zadran if he was supposed to be dismissed immediately after assuming charge of the post.

The residents of Paktika also criticized the move and said such actions demonstrate the weakness of the government of national unity.

The Ministry of Interior has not commented regarding the immediate dismissal of Gen. Zadran so far.