The Paktia Panthers and Nangarhar Leopards defeated their rivals Kandahar Knights and Kabul Zwanan during the Gulbahar Afghan Premier League matches on Friday.

The Paktia Panthers managed to defeat Kandahar Kights by 9 runs while Nangarhar Leopards defeated Kabul Zwanan by 15 runs.

Paktia Panthers won the toss and elected to bat first, setting a target of 128 runs from 18.2 overs by losing all their wickets.

However, the Kandahar Knights team could not chase the given target and lost all their wickets during the 19.4 overs of the game by scoring 118 runs only.

Similar, the Kabul Zwanan team won the toss and elected to field first with Nangarhar Leopards setting a target of 183 runs by losing 5 wickets.

In response, the Kabul Zwanan managed to score 167 runs from 20 overs and by losing 9 wickets, subsequently losing the game with a difference of 15 runs.