Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pakistan’s Prominent Religious Scholar Urges Taliban to Reopen Schools

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

Eminent religious scholar of Pakistan Mufti Taqi Usman wrote a letter to the interim government of Afghanistan to reopen girls’ schools for Afghan girls.

The letter that is written to the supreme leader of the Taliban Mullah Hebtullah Akhundzada emphasized the importance of girls’ education adding that the enemy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has used it as propaganda against the IEA.

Usmani in the letter, appreciated the recent measure taken by the IEA while insisting that making appropriate arrangements in accordance with Shaira law is necessary.

Further, he added that women’s education is necessary so the women deal with women’s education, health, and welfare activities and to avoid the mixture of men and women.

“Second, there is a need to dispel the impression that Islam or the Islamic Emirate are against women’s education. However, it is necessary to make segregated arrangements for girls’ education – separate from those for boys.” Reads the letter.

In the end, Mufti Taqi Usmani suggested different timings and different parts of the same buildings of schools so that girls and boys are segregated.

It has been over 200 hundred days since the closure of secondary schools for girls across Afghanistan that triggered international backlashes.

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