May 11, 2018

Pakistan’s JUI-S leader say they feel proud to support Afghan Taliban

By Khaama Press - Fri Apr 08 2016, 9:28 am

Pakistan political leaderA Pakistani political leader has said they feel proud to support the Afghan Taliban group, emphasizing that the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Sami (JUI-S) still support the group.

Maulana Yousaf Shah, the party’s chief for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said leaders had always raised their voice against the western powers, according to the media reports.

This comes as the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for harboring and supporting the Taliban group who are staging deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

The remarks by Shah come as Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser Sartaj Aziz earlier said Pakistan has influence on Taliban group.

The rare admission by Aziz followed amid ongoing efforts to revive the Afghan peace talks.

According to Aziz, the Taliban group are using certain facilities in Pakistan which according to him could be used as a leverage to encourage the group to participate in talks.

However, the Taliban group has rejected to join peace talks as the Afghan security officials believe the group will pursue violence during the summer with the full support of Pakistani intelligence – Inter Services Intelligence.

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  1. JUI is a very small political party in Pakistan, it was almost wiped out in last election in KP province of Pakistan.     JUI is in alliance with Pakistans main ruling party, Pakistan Muslim league.-N .

    Mainstream political parties in Pakisan dont have any interest in Afghanistan except that its peace and law and order in Afghanistan.   Pakistan have no interest  like the  afghan media portray.  

    Pakistani want peace in Afghanistan so 3-5 million afghans can go back to their country, but as long as there is war in Afghanistan they are welcome to live in Pakistan.

  2. As a Pakistani I am ashamed of this terrorist supporter. All these terrorist supporters should be arrested.

  3. Of course what we can expect from brainwashed Arabized / Punjabi Mullah’s who are on pay roll of Pakistani Intelligence Services to tell people go and conduct suicide bombing in Kabul. Dude if suicide bombing was such a cool thing why Pakistan’s JUI-S leader, Taliban ( Armed Pakistani Militia) , Gulbodin Pakistanyar and Mansoor the drug king does not send their sons and daughters to commit suicide missions? Gulbodin sons live a luxury live in Peshawar, Dubai and Malaysia received 600 million from US/PAK/ Saudi for Afghan jihad now with those stolen money his kids and relatives doing business in Dubai and Malaysia. While Mullah Omar’ son live a comfortable live in Karachi with ISI money but these guys will never commit suicide mission why? because the only send the poor and needy Afghans from refugee camps for mission in Afghanistan.

  4. Why these guys are not sending their own kids for suicide missions??

  5. I guess that’s not a cool thing? jihad is only for poor and needy people who are brain washed by these comfort seeking Hallwa eating Mullahs.

  6. Pakistan’s JUI is front organization for ISI secret war inside Afghanistan. They are incubators of the suicide bombers.

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