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Pakistan’s ISI chief Gen. Rizwan Akhtar visits Kabul

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AkhtarLt. General Rizwan Akhtar, Pakistan’s newly appointed military intelligence chief visited Afghanistan on Monday to meet with the Afghan government.

Akhtar assumed charge of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) following the retirement of his predecessor Lieutenant General Zaheerul Islam.

The main agenda behind Akhtar’s visit to Kabul has not been disclosed so far. The government officials have not commented regarding Akhtar’s visit to Kabul.

According to Tolo TV, Akhtar met with officials of the Afghan National Unity Government (NUG) during his visit to Kabul.

Akhtar is one of the two most powerful men in Pakistan, answerable only to the army chief. He was promoted as a three-star general and appointed Director General ISI in September, more than a month in advance by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He is the third senior Pakistani official visiting Afghanistan following the formation of the National Unity Government.

His visit to Afghanistan comes as the US Department of Defense accused Pakistan in its latest report for using militant groups as ‘proxy forces’ to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

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  1. He is more moderate than previous ISI chiefs who adopted policy of strategic depth…this policy suggests conquering south and east Afghanistan with Kabul as capital by the Taliban…but wait and see if this ISI chief becomes brainwashed by army generals who hate Afghanistan.

  2. Pakistan and Iran never been true to Afghanistan, they always make fake promises that do not keep, actually they have two faces and thats clear to the globe.

    • why they visit ? what is the demond ? from kabul , that raheel,akhtr,and few more officials met to ashraf ghani in a few days ?

  3. What is this Punjabi Terrorist doing in Afghanistan. Is he there to be warned that if his army generals continue to support terrorism than Lahore will not be spared by America . I hope that is the message America and Nato is giving him,otherwise its just another gimmick from America and Punjabsitan.


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