The interior minister of Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal has been wounded in an attack in Narowal city of Punjab, according to the Pakistani officials.

The incident took place during a meeting after a gunman opened fire on Mr. Iqbal, leaving him severely wounded from his abdomen and arm.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) retired Capt Arif Nawaz has told Dawn News that the suspected assailant has been arrested and is in custody where he is being probed regarding the attack.

Nawaz further added that the assailant has been identifeid as 22-year-old Abid Hussain.

According to Nawaz, the suspect has confessed that he has carried out attack on the interior minister due to the issues surrounding the Khatm-e-Nubuwat.

Another police officer Imran Kishwar said the minister has sustained wounds in his shoulder but later reports confirmed that he was shot in the abdomen and his arm has also been fructured.

In the meantime, the security officials are saying that investigations are underway to confirm whether other suspects are also involved behind the assassination attempt.