Local officials of Khost and Kunar provinces confirmed that Pakistani aircrafts had conducted airstrikes on different parts of the province killing five children and a woman.

Officials in the southeastern Khost province said that the Pakistani aircrafts bombed Aowa, Pesa Mila, and Mir Safar areas of the province on Friday night, April 15, 2022.

On the other hand, local residents have told the media that the airstrikes were conducted in the Spera district of Khost province where 33 members of two families have been killed.

The source added that the people belong to Waziristan but were living in Khost province.

Meanwhile, local residents of Shaltan district of the eastern Kunar province said that five children and a woman have so far been killed following bombings by Pakistan.

Pakistani media reported that the bombings have targeted TTP members in Khost and Kunar province but neither Pakistan’s government nor the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has commented on the bombings.

In the meantime, local residents in southwestern Nimroz province said that Pakistani forces have opened fire at Afghan drivers killing at least one.

The residents of Chaghai and Nawkundi of the province added that Pakistani forces have taken out batteries of 300 cars owned by Afghans and filled the tanks of the cars with soil.

The people added that Afghan drivers have staged demonstrations protesting against the Pakistani forces wherein the protestors were shot at, and eight drivers are believed to be wounded.