January 22, 2018

Pakistanis train Taliban militants in western Afghanistan

By Sayed Jawad - Sat Feb 16 2013, 8:07 pm

Pakistani Taliban supporters pray for thAccording to local authorities in western Badghis province of Afghanistan, Pakistani citizens are busy with training Taliban militants in this province in a bid to enable them to fight with the Afghan and coalition security forces.

The officials further added Pakistani nationals have increased their illegal presence in various parts of Badghis province which can create a major security threat for the Afghan government.

This comes as local authorities have concerned regarding growing number of Taliban militants in various districts of Badghis province.

In the meantime provincial governor spokesman Sharafuddin Majidi confirming the report said various Pakistani nationals have been enrolled with the Taliban militants in this province.

Mr. Majidi quoted by Radio Free Europe (RFE) said Pakistani militants are currently engaged with planting roadside improvised explosive device and plotting other insurgency activities in Badghis province districts.

Safia Aimaq Afghan lawmaker representing Badghsi province in Afghan house of representatives also confirmed the presence of Pakistani militants cooperating with the local Taliban fighters in this province and callled it a major threat for the Afghan government.

She criticized the government for the lack of good governance coordination among the security institutions which have paved the way for the infiltration of Taliban militants, both local and Pakistanis in various districts of Badghis province.

According to Safia Aimaq major parts of Badghis province is currently under the control of Taliban militants and warned that Taliban militants will easily enter the center of Badghis province if the government does not take necessary actions.

Meanwhile local residents in Badghis province said only Qala-e-Naw area located in the center of Badghis province is safe security wise while other regions are unsafe and local residents can not commute freely.

The comments by local autorities are followed by a number of insurgency attacks by militants on Afghan security forces check posts which took place recently in this province.

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