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TTP might face the fate of Afghan Taliban group

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pakistan-south-waziristan-taliban-fightersAfghan Taliban had been operating under one leadership for over 14 years after their regime was toppled in Afghanistan in 2001. But they broke away last year when a splinter group of the Taliban leaked the news of the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The news caused severe rifts within the group which followed to split.

Now the Pakistani Taliban seems to be following the same path of split the Afghan Taliban went through.

Pakistan media reports that there is tense situation in Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which has already caused division within the group.

The split happened after Umar Mansoor, a commander of TTP, claimed responsibility for attack on Bacha Khan University but the group’s central spokesperson rejected hand in it.

“Umar Mansoor faced a huge embarrassment when the TTP’s central leadership disavowed any role in the Charsadda attack,” a Taliban commander, told The Express Tribune news on condition of anonymity.

Umar is now acting as an independent commander and even introduced himself as the leader of the Taliban in the Darra Adam Khel region in a recent interview with a foreign radio that indicates his serious differences with the central leadership.

The commander has further told The Express Tribune that this is the first time he has introduced himself this way.

Umar, who also recently released a video along with the alleged BKU attackers, did not mention the TTP chief in the recording, although he had mentioned and praised Fazlullah in his previous video messages after the Peshawar school and Badhaber PAF base attacks.

If TTP splits further into more groups, it may create new challenges for Pakistan.

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