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Pakistani Police detain over thousand Afghan migrants: Embassy


Pakistani police have detained more than a thousand Afghan migrants in the last two weeks, according to the Afghan embassy in Islamabad.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the embassy reported that some of these detainees lost their lives while in custody, and their bodies were discovered in hospitals and various other locations.

The Taliban embassy emphasized that despite repeated promises from Pakistani authorities, the “arrest, harassment, and mistreatment” of Afghan refugees and migrants by Pakistani police continues.

Regarding the killing of migrants, the embassy stated, “Unfortunately, in addition to harassment and mistreatment, unjustifiable killings have also occurred.

For example, Afghan migrants Fareedullah in Islamabad, Amanullah in Shams Colony in Rawalpindi, and Darwish were initially arrested by Pakistani security forces. They later went missing in Adiala Jail, and their bodies were found in hospitals or elsewhere.”

The Taliban embassy in Islamabad added that it had informed Pakistani authorities about this issue.

According to the embassy’s statement, Pakistani police are conducting raids on Afghan migrants’ homes day and night. The Taliban embassy also added that nearly 500 of the detained refugees have migration and travel documents.

Most of the Afghan migrants, according to the Taliban embassy, have been detained on the outskirts of Islamabad.

The Taliban embassy added that the detention of Afghan migrants, especially in Sindh province, particularly in Karachi, continues, and many Afghans, including women and children, are imprisoned.

The Taliban embassy has called on the Pakistani government to put an end to the harassment and mistreatment of Afghan refugees to avoid negative repercussions on Afghanistan-Pakistan relations.

Recently, Pakistani media have reported that the Pakistani government has decided to deport over one million Afghan migrants.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, has also announced that all foreign migrants living illegally in Pakistan have been given until November 1, 2023, to leave the country.
Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, many people migrated to neighbouring countries, including Pakistan.

Sarfraz Bugti warned that if migrants without proper residence documents do not leave Pakistan, the Pakistani government will identify and deport them.

Pakistan has now ended the practice of allowing travellers to enter the country using only a national identity card, emphasizing that all foreign citizens must have a valid visa and passport for entry.



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