Nawaz SharifThe Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said he is trying to revive peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban group which was stalled by the announcement of Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar’s death.

The Afghan delegation was due to meet the Taliban group representatives in Pakistan for the second round of peace talks which was abandoned after the announcement of Mullah Omar’s death.

Pakistan hosted the first round of direct peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban representatives in July.

In televised remarks to the media Nawaz said “The news of Mullah Omar should not have been broken just before the start of the second round of talks.”

Sharif further added “We are now trying to resume the (peace) process and pray to God to crown our efforts with success.”

The remarks by Sharif comes as the newly appointed Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has given mixed signals about the peace process, while vowing to continue jihad to implement Shariah in Afghanistan.

On the other hand the Taliban militants have unleashed a wave of violence across the country since peace talks were abandoned late in July.

The rampant insurgency activities by the Taliban resulted into the fall of the strategic Kunduz city lately which was considered as the most spectacular victory of the group after they were toppled from power in 2001.