Pakistan army shell eastern AfghanistanCross-border shelling by Pakistani military continues in eastern Afghanistan, with the latest report of over 40 missiles fired in eastern Kunar province.

According to local government officials, Pakistani military fired at least 40 missiles in Nari district during the past 24 hours which incurred phsyical damages to houses of the local residents.

Provincial governor Shuja-ul-Malik confirming the report said the missiles were fired during the past 24 hours, and the cross-border shelling is still continuing in this province.

Mr. Malik further added that the shelling did not incur any casualties to local residents, however, damages to houses and properties of local residents were reported.

Pakistani military has been shelling eastern provinces of Afghanistan including Kunar and Nuristan province during the past two years. Cross-border shelling also intensified tensions between the two nations, which led to cross-border clashes between Afghan and Pakistani security forces in Goshta district earlier this year.

The clashes left an Afghan border guard dead and three Pakistani military forces were injured after Afghan and Pakistani troops exchanged fire in Goshta district.

Clashes reportedly erupted following unilateral construction and physical reinforcement activities along the Durand Line by Pakistani army.