The local authorities in southeastern Paktia province are saying at least 35 militants including a number of Pakistani militants have been killed during the operations in this province.

The operations are being conducted as part of Thunder-2 operations and the casualties on the militants were inflicted in Zurmat and in the outskirts of Gardez city.

The Commander of Thunder Corps Rohullah Khalil Oghli said at least 35 militants have been killed and at least 50 others have sustained injuries during the operations.

He said the operations are being conducted with the support of airpower and artillery strikes.

Oghli further added that the Afghan forces have the capabilities to eliminate the Afghan and foreign militants and the latest casualties inflicted on the militants is an example of the growing capabilities of the armed forces.

In the meantime, the provincial government in a statement said scores of militants have been killed or wounded during the operations in the past two months.

The statement further added that more than twenty bases and outposts have been established along the Zurmat route and Gardez-Zurmat highway.