Local authorities in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan expressed concerns regarding the infiltration of Pakistani intelligence officers among the anti-government armed militant groups in this province.

Nuristan provincial security chief Gen. Ghulamullah said around 50 Pakistani intelligence officers armed with heavy and light weapons have entered Kamdish and Barg-e-Matal districts.

Mr. Ghulamullah further added based on the preliminary investigation reports the ISI agents have been based in Mehrdish, Bazgul and Batigul areas in Kamdish districts and are in negotiations with the anti-government armed militant groups in order to launch deadly coordinated attacks in the areas which are under the control of the Afghan government.

He said majority of the Pakistani intelligence agents have disguised themselves in local clothings.

Majority of the Pakistani intelligence agents who have entered Kamdish district belong to Pakistani military intelligence known as Markali based in Chitral Pakistan, Ghulamulah provincial security chief said adding that the intelligence agents are coordinating with the militants groups in Kamdish and Barg-e-Matal districts.

Nuristan province is located in eastern Afghanistan which borders volatile regions of Pakistan bordering regions specifically Chitral. Nuristan province has recently witnessed deadly clashes among the Afghan security forces and
Afghan security forces.

This comes as a major military operation was launched in Kamdish district earlier this year where militants suffered heavy casualties, Kamdish district Mohammad Tamim Nuristani said.

In the meantime Ghulamullah provincial security chief of Nuristan province said Pakistani intelligence agents are commuting in Kamdish district during the past 2 months.

He said Afghan security forces are prepared to defend militants attacks however he urged that more security forces should be deployed in the area in order to prevent major attacks by militants.