March 30, 2018

Pakistani female singer Ghazala Javed murdered in Peshawar

By Sajad - Mon Jun 18 2012, 11:17 pm

Unknown gunmen assassinated famous female Pakistani singer Ghazala Jawid in Pakistan’s Peshawar city.

The incident took place Monday night after unknown gunmen opened fire on Ghazala Jawid within the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the Express Tribune Pakistan, she was visiting a beauty parlour for pre-show preparations. When she left the saloon with her father, two unknown armed men riding a motorbike fired on her.

Ghazala received six bullet wounds and her father four. The singer was pronounced dead at arrival at the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).

Ghazala Javed was a Pakhtun singer belonging to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. She was considered to be a leader in reviving and promoting female singing within the KPK province following the Taliban insurgency. She was nominated for a Filmfare Award in 2010 and received a Khyber Award in 2011.

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  1. This is incredible. Why kill the beauty? God gave this singer her beautiful voice, you don’t have the right to play god and kill someone because you “think” that she’s violating some obscur law.

  2. Ghezala Javed was killed by her ex-husband. Her husband must be sentenced to lifetime jail.

  3. OMG..!! I can not believe it. How the hell that happen. I’m really very upset . I was so shocked when I heard of it . May her soul rest in heaven.  I really can’t believe it.   She was my most favorite Pashto singer!! 

  4. You goddamit! . You have no idea of what you’re throwing away the crappy piece of shit out of your mouth. Be cool and stay in your creepy creamy damn wet pants. You wrap punk. She was not the one to milk you out. It’s Islam Alhamdulillah. Such should be sentenced to cruelty death. Its Islamic country and we don’t like such whores.

  5. hummm for me it is a ……………………..

  6. . . . . all pakistanian pakistan’s the most full shit country in the world just thinking about killing innocent people and thinking about a lot of other shits you guys do not know what did u guys lose the greatest singer and the greatest person Ghazala was my favorite 1 . I bet you pakistanian pakistan will be remove from the map remember really soon fuck all pakistanian and pakistan

  7. We can say that there are some people whom are not interested to develop and make bright future. They are always old thinking and remained like that. This is really bad while they are killing the innocent people and greatest lady Ghazala.


  8. I am REALY sorry about this incidient she was a good singer so we must pray for her

  9. I hope the criminals must be hung.

  10. Is ki jaga agr kisi ko bhi mar lea jata koi dukh na hota, ek pari ko marne wale drindon k hath bhi na kanpy,,, allah unko tabbah kare,, boht boht boht ghalt hua,,, i only believe this personality A REal Beauty ICON

  11. Real men don’t kill women. This is the politics of impotence. People who are secure in their own minds know that living one’s life in such a was as to be a blessing to the world takes all of one’s energy, and there is no reason to expend any of it judging others. Only small, stupid, weak people feel that they must destroy others in order to be something themselves, and that is the very definition of ‘impotent’.

  12. Allah de warta Jannat naseeb ki.

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