The title bout for Arabian Sea Championship was fought between Muzaffar Khan from Pakistan and Ahmed Samir from Afghanistan at Liaqat Gymnasium Islamabad.

Pakistan Professional Boxing League was the organizer of the event with Gen Ehsan ul Haq (Retd) as President and Chief Guest.

The title bout was preceded by 3 x show bouts while the title fight was won by a Pakistani boxer.

The high light of the event was the presence of more than 100 Afghan scholarship students from 4 different universities of Islamabad to witness the match.

According to local media reports, the battle lasted five rounds. Earlier, the 27-year-old Pakistani ringster appeared defensive while his Afghan opponent Samir demonstrated aggression and agility.

The Afghan boxer fought with greater enthusiasm and prowess, while the Pakistani fighter delivered the knockout blow to his opponent in the fifth round of the 10-round super welter bout at Pakistan Sports Complex’s Liaquat Gymnasium.

Muzaffar, also known as Prince Khan, praised the administration and his trainers for organizing the event.

“I have been working hard for the title for the last three years“, he said after the fight.

He also thanked the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) for helping them in organizing the event.