December 13, 2018

Pakistani army hints at Afghanistan as deadly explosions leaves scores dead

By Khaama Press - Sat Jun 24 2017, 2:36 pm

The Pakistani military hinted at Afghanistan after the deadly explosions on Friday, claiming that the attacks in Quetta city and Parachinar have links with the sanctuaries across the border.

A spokesman for the Pakistani military, Gen. Asif Ghafoor, in a Twitter post said “Security/surv of Pak-Afg Bdr enhanced. Stringent actions agst illegal Bdr crossers. Recent terrorist incidents linked to sanctuaries across.”

He said “Enemy trying to mar festive mood of nation through such coward acts. Shall fail against resilience of Pakistan.”

The Pakistani officials are saying that around 50 have been killed and scores more were wounded in the attacks in Quetta and Parachinar on Friday.

The latest claims by the Pakistani military comes as the Afghan officials have long criticized Pakistan for remaining reckless to take uniform actions against the terrorist groups and slam the country for differentiating between terrorist groups, claiming that the notorious Haqqani terrorist network and Taliban insurgents remained intact during the operations along the tribal areas of the country.

The United States Department of Defense also said last week thatthe notorious Haqqani terrorist network and the Taliban group retains freedom of action in Pakistan.

“Pakistan is the most influential external actor affecting Afghan stability and the outcome of both the USFOR-A and the RS missions,” according to a new Pentagon report on Afghanistan.

The report further added that Pakistan views the outcome of Afghanistan to be in its vital national interest and thus remains driven by its India-centric regional policy objectives.

“Afghan oriented militant groups, including the Taliban and Haqqani Network, retain freedom of action inside Pakistani territory and benefit from support from elements of the Pakistani Government,” the report said.

Pentagon also added “Although Pakistani military operations have disrupted some militant sanctuaries, certain extremist groups—such as the Taliban and the Haqqani Network—were able to relocate and continue to operate in and from Pakistan. The United States continues to convey to Pakistan at all levels the importance of taking action against all terrorist and extremist groups.”

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  1. whole world knows that terrorists are operating from your soil against us..why you pretending..the days are over when you used to cover up your stupid and low acts..based on your you have to answer serious questions..we have milions of your hunger driven,poorty stricken..people living in our land..if you have some shame and self respect,,which you do not..voluntierly stop using our land and space routes…even before..lets start from were kicked out..entered in Egypt ,kicked out again..entered in babylon..kicked out again..every whare same habits as today…was every body wrong? every body wrong?…never try to attatch yourself with us..we have no interest in you..bankrupcy on every are responsible of all terrorist activities in our country..thats is fact..Islamabad..needs to make strong decisions and stop saying this stupid statement..our brothers..ummah..islami rishtay,brotherana talqat..all land is first..who ever in my land has any sympathy with its enemies..shold pack up and leave..leave..go where you came from..there are so many..that land is first..that oldest flage in the history..calls ZEESHAN..the green and white..oldest land..the mighty INDUS VALLEY/MEHRGARH/GHANDARA..THE BLOUCHIA..LAND OF MALK MEER SARDAR ANRATH BLOUCH SINDHI..LAND OF MALK ZULQARNAIN BLOUCH SINDHI(mentioned in quran,surat kahf)..king zulqarnain…who ever does not respect my zeeshan and sides with my enemy..he should …….

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