Mohammad Omar DaudzaiThe former Afghan Minister of Interior Omar Daudzai has said Islamabad will not cooperate with the Afghan government in peace process with the anti-government militant groups.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday, Daudzai said previous government has attempted on numerous occasions to persuade Islamabad to assist the government in peace process.

Daudzai further added that similar approach by the new government would be a waste of time.

He called on President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to undertake a new approach towards the peace process, insisting that Islamabad will never assist the Afghan government in this regard.

Daudzai also added that terrorism and extremism is now threatening the whole region and called for the formation of a regional coalition to fight the growing extremism.

According to Daudzai, decisions were taken last year to hand over a specific region within the Afghan soil to the Taliban control.

He accused the regional intelligence agencies for supporting the Taliban group in Afghanistan and insisted that the Taliban leadership is based outside Afghanistan, in Quetta city.

Daudzai warned that the conspiracies have not ended and new apporoaches will be undertaken by Taliban group and their supporters next year.


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