February 07, 2018

Pakistan welcomes US commander’s offer to prevent cross-border shelling

By Khaama Press - Wed Nov 22 2017, 3:17 pm

The military of Pakistan has welcomed an offer by the top US commander in Afghanistan to prevent cross-border shelling along the Durand Line which Pakistan continuous sporadically in reaction to the attacks on its forces.

General John Nicholson who is also the commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in reaction to the latest shelling by the Pakistani military has said that the Pakistani military should share the information regarding the terror groups rather than opting to cross-border shelling.

In response to Gen. Nicholson’s comments, a spokesman for the Pakistani military Gen. Asif Ghafoor has told VOA that the country welcomes the offer.

“Unilaterally Pakistan, having cleared all areas on Pakistan side, has restored writ if [the] state, including steps like enhancing [troop] presence along the border [with Afghanistan], establishing new forts and posts and has also started to fence the border to deny freedom of movement to illegal crossers and terrorists.” Gen. Ghafoor told VOA.

The Pakistani military has long been shelling the Afghan provinces located along the Durand Line, claiming that the shelling are made in response to the attacks by the militants using the Afghan soil.

The shelling continues amid strained ties between Kabul and Islamabad regarding the circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism and terror safe havens.

The Afghan and US officials believe the Taliban group and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network still possess safe havens in the FATA areas of Pakistan from where they plan and coordinate large scale attacks in Afghanistan.

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