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Pakistan wants Afghanistan to halt ties with India: Karzai

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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Karzai packs up to leave ARGFormer President Hamid Karzai has said that Islamabad has two main demands from Afghanistan, to halt ties with India and formally recognized Durand Line as border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with 1TV, Karzai said the Pakistani officials have reiterated to their demands in meetings with the Afghan officials.

Karzai had almost 20 official visits to Pakistan during his leadership as the Afghan President to convince Islamabad to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

However, Karzai has said that Afghanistan and the Afghan people are suffering from growing violence since Kabul has continuously rejected the demands of Islamabad.

The Durand Line refers to the 2,640 kilometers long porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was established after a 1893 agreement between Mortimer Durand of British India and Afghan Amir Abdur Rahman Khan for fixing the limit of their respective spheres of influence.

It is named after Mortimer Durand who was the Foreign Secretary of colonial British India at the time. The single-page Durand Line Agreement which contains seven short articles was signed by Durand and Abdur Rahman Khan, agreeing not to exercise interference beyond the frontier Durand Line.

The treaty was to stay in force for a 100-year period. According to Afrasiab Khattak, a political analyst, the areas from the Khayber Agency Northwards to Chitral, however, remained un-demarcated.

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  1. If Durand line is accepted by Afghanistan it is the end of Afghan people…Afghans only inhabit that area on both sides of Durand line so it is time to unify the peoples…Afghans have nowhere to go in whole world accept that area which is their only homeland….also access to sea port will go if Durand line is accepted as Balochistan will go to Pakistan

  2. the Durand line was an artificial line , which was signed by dictating force of Amir Abdullrahman Khan , the Pakistan have no right to claim the territory which was and are now belong to Afghanistan , the Afghanistan peoples will never accept this line , first of all it was signed between the UK and the Afghan < not with Pakistan , and the Pakistan wasn't on the political maps of the world, mean while if that was the trough agreement between the tow country , so why Ganral Ziya went to Afghanistan and asked Mr Noor Mohammad Tarakee to signe the Durand line with Pakistan and the Pakistan will recognize the Sawar Revolutions , so no Afghan and no political authority should signe this bloody line we will fight for our legitimacy land and our peoples on both side , we are on both side Afghan and one Nation .


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