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Pakistan to offer 4,500 scholarships to Afghan students


Asid Durrani, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs, announced the provision of five-year scholarships to 4,500 Afghan students.

He disclosed this on his social media platform X on Wednesday, July 10th, marking the commencement of the third phase of the “Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Afghan Students”.

He emphasized that in this phase, scholarships will be granted to Afghan students in natural sciences and social sciences across various universities in Pakistan. However, Durani did not provide details regarding the cost and the specific allocation to female students.

Previously, Pakistan’s Ministry of Education had stated that it had awarded scholarships to six thousand Afghan students in this program’s first and second phases.

Following the suspension of education for girls in Afghanistan, several countries, including Germany, Japan, Iran, and Tajikistan, have also offered scholarships to Afghan girls.

Meanwhile, these scholarships represent significant international support for Afghan students amidst challenging educational circumstances, aiming to provide them with opportunities to continue their studies and contribute to their future and that of Afghanistan.



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