December 16, 2017

Pakistan threaten Israel with nuclear war in response to fake news

By Khaama Press - Sun Dec 25 2016, 1:14 pm

The defense minister of Pakistan Khawajah Muhammad Asif has threatened Israel with nuclear attack in response to fake news.

“Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh.Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too AH,” according to a Twitter post by minister Asif.

He was apparently infuriated by a fake news news article published on having a typo-laden headline “Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops to Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack.”

The news article appeared on the website on Dec. 20, alongside articles with headlines like “Clinton is staging a military coup against Trump.”

Asif’s tweet was roundly criticized on twitter, with many calling on him to act in a more responsible manner.

“Oh Khawaja Saab, It’s a Fake News From Fake News Outlets. Act Like a Defense Minister,” wrote one commentator.

Israel’s Defense Ministry quoted in a report by local newspaper, Haaretz, said “The statements attributed to former defense minister Ya’alon regarding Pakistan were never said. The report the Pakistani defense minister responded to is completely false.”

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  1. Pakistan is a like fly on top of a pig shouting and yelling to Lion (Israel) in the desert mud.

  2. News was not fake after Khawajah tweet they altered the news and denied any threat to deceive international media.

    son of a pig i can bet tou drink cows you know…….

  3. If pakistan beat russia then its too easy to destroy  any country

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