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Pakistan: The Manipulator of Religion

By Khaama Press - Sun Mar 03 2013, 12:24 pm

By Gharanai Khwakhuzhi                                                                         

The Manipulator of ReligionIt’s almost 4 decades or more that Afghans have been crying out loud to the world that Pakistan is interfering in its affairs by different means, whether it’s extremism or fundamentalism, promotion ethnical confrontations or sectarian differences; Pakistan has long interfered and worked to destabilize Afghanistan so to not have a two-front hostility where one is its permanent front with its archival India.

One of the most prominent weapons that Pakistan has used against Afghans is the usage of religion – Islam, specially while majority of the people in Afghanistan are devoted Muslims and may go to any extend to safeguard the one thing that they love more than their own lives.

On the other hand Pakistan – a country or should I say one of the two countries in the world that has been established in the name religion (the other being the state of Israel) – has always tried to manipulate religion for its own benefits and to be honest it has achieved wonders with it.

From dividing Kashmir by manipulating the pure and innocent sentiments of the Muslims in Kashmir to banking millions of dollars and military equipment in the name of Afghan Jihad against the Soviet Invasion, from establishing the networks of the international terrorism on its soil to back stabbing its own ally and friend China in Xinjiang province; it has manipulated the name of religion in any possible way available.

Fast forwarding from past to present, yesterday March 1st 2013 Maulana Fazlur Rehman – Chief of Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam Fazl (JUI-F) – was quoted by Pakistani news agency The News International saying that; “any decision about the future of Afghanistan could not be taken by sidelining Pakistan, because such a decision would not be acceptable to the people of both the countries.

This statement comes at a time when the Pakistan Ulema (Clerics) Council Chief Alama Tahir Ashrafi just stated that “if they [non-Muslims] have Atom Bombs, we [Muslims] are ready to sacrifice our lives against them; thus it is fair and permitted to sacrifice your lives in any way possible in countries occupied by non-Muslims, like Palestine, Kashmir and Afghanistan.

The two statements clearly show the influence of Pakistan on the affairs of Afghanistan and how badly they are involved in the insurgency going on in the country, by propagating false Islamic declarations.

Interestingly the statement of Alama Ashrafi which clearly validates and gives away permission to suicide attacks and jihad in the mentioned countries; comes at a time when just last year at Hajj Sermon the Grand Mufti of Saudi Shiekh Arabia Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah condemned Suicide Attacks and declared the action as “Unforgivable” by Almighty Allah.

Still I would have agreed with what Alama Ashrafi has to say, but then questions come to my mind that:

  • Where was “Respected” Alama at the time when the Government of Taliban was bombarded from Shamsi and Jacobabad bases located in Pakistan and vacated only recently at the end of 2011?
  • Wasn’t it Farz (obligatory) for those “Muslims” (Pakistanis) to fight and declare a Jihad against the “non-Muslims” (the Americans) who had occupied their nation and was using it against another brother Muslim country (Afghanistan)?
  • Wasn’t it obligatory or worthy enough to fight against a government that was selling out Muslim brothers (Taliban leaders) handcuffed and blindfolded to the so called infidels and non-Muslims?
  • Or let’s just leave the past away, isn’t it obligatory for our “Respected” Alama, his followers and the “Great Muslim Nation of Pakistan” to fight and declare a Jihad on the non-Muslims (Chinese Corps) who are based in Gwadar Port (people with the same ideology – Communism – against which we Afghans were propagated to fight and declare Jihad against because they were the infidels who were after our religion and wanted to destroy our religious believes)?
  • Afghanistan is not the only Muslim country in the world which has the US forces helping her in the fight against terrorism and instability, we do have countries like Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Libya etc etc how come it’s only Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine where Jihad and Suicide Bombing is obligatory?
  • Mali is getting bombarded by French forces where the religious extremist groups are trying to take the power and the French forces are helping the residing president of the country; is it that those fighting in Mali are not “Muslim” enough or is it that the knowledge scope of “Respected” Alama is limited to the borders of the country (Kashmir and Afghanistan) plus Palestine (the hottest topic for any religious (Muslim or Jew) fanatic)?
  • These questions remind me of an answer to a question by former Chief of Afghan Intelligence, Mr. Amrullah Saleh where he said; “Nowhere in the Quran or any Hadith it says that the gate to the heaven is in Afghanistan, then why every Muslim tries to get to heaven via Afghanistan? There are lots of other places which requires martyrdom, yet everyone chooses Afghanistan.”

It’s also worthy to mention that on 5th October 2013 reports came through Pakistani media that Alama Ashrafi had been kidnapped and within hours he was recovered and the kidnappers were arrested, it was never said why and for what reason.

The next day Pakistan News Channel Waqt reported that Alama Ashrafi actually was not kidnapped instead he was caught drunk on Grand Trunk (GT) road. 1

The Ulema Council of Pakistan also blamed the Afghan Ulema Council of being influenced by the government of Afghanistan and having close relations with it yet Alama Ashrafi himself is most of the times seen with high ranking military officers and the activates of Pakistani intelligence the ISI.

At the end I would conclude that it’s up to the devoted Muslims of Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and around the world to decide whether they want to follow what the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has to say at a Hajj Sermon, or what the Chief of Ulema Pakistan (the only Muslim country in the world that has legally licensed a Red Light District aka Heera Mandi in Lahore just behind the historic Badshahi Masjid2) has to say?

1 http://criticalppp.com/archives/229959

2 The book TABOO! by Fouzia Saeed (p. 155)

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  1. Thank you Gharanai Saheb for sharing such an interesting article, I wonder that are all Pakistani public sleeping or in comma ??

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