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Pakistan Takes Steps to Facilitate Border Crossing with Afghanistan


Pakistan is taking measures to facilitate the movement of Afghan nationals across the border, a move which is highly appreciated by the Afghan interim government.

Currently, Pakistan has five crossing points operational with Afghanistan with an average daily movement of approximately 13,000 individuals, including pedestrians, traders, tourists, and transporters.

Despite the lack of resources and facilities, Pakistan is managing around 100 counters at these crossing points to ensure smooth processing of the heavy inflow of cross-border movement.

It is believed that Pakistan is the only neighboring country that has hosted millions of Afghans over the past four decades and still allows journalists, patients, and those who wish to visit their family members without a visa or legal travel documents.

Furthermore, exclusive counters have been set for women and patients to facilitate their entry at the crossing points.

It is also stated the Pakistani government allows Afghan nationals to extend their visas and stay in Pakistan for longer, which may not be offered in Afghanistan’s other neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, roughly 5-6 Afghan applicants are refused entry due to insufficient or no documents or filling in the wrong application type.

Since the return of the Taliban to power, Afghanistan’s neighboring countries Iran and Pakistan in particular witnessed new waves of Afghan migrants. Thousands of Afghan refugees entered Pakistan mostly through illegal channels and without visas or legal stay documents.

The current dire economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has forced many Afghans to flee the country and enter Pakistan hoping for a livelihood and a safe place to live.

Besides, Pakistani and Afghan border security forces have had arm clashes in the past months, which resulted in the temporary closure of the Torkham and Chaman borders, Pakistan has remained cooperative with Afghanistan and kept its door open to Afghan brethren.


  1. – What advantages does this facilitation provide to Pakistanis? Taliban is untrustworthy neighbour. Even though their unstable economy is collapsing, Pakistan’s administration is still continuing to support terrorist activities through bringing terrorists from Afghanistan. Pakistani administration is just watching while their own citizens are getting killed.


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