Pashtoon Tahafoz Movement (PTM) leader Manzoor Ahamd Pashteen said in a gathering on Tuesday that Pakistan is still supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan and asked the Pakistani government to stop meddling in Afghans’ internal issues.

Pashtoon too called on the Taliban to stop companionship with the Pakistani government since the country is not a friend but a spoiler in Afghanistan.

The gathering was arranged in Makin of southern Waziristan and was attended by thousands of people voicing their support for Afghanistan and condemning the ongoing conflict in the war-battered country.

“Pakistani government strived to stop the gathering to be held but the valorous people of Makin made it possible.” Said PTM leader Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen.

Pashteen addressing thousands of people in Makin said the soil of Pashtun people in Pakistan has always been utilized for heinous purposes to insecure Afghanistan and added that the very policy of warfare is intolerable for them.

He reiterated to stand shoulder by shoulder with the people of Afghanistan and will not allow Pakistan to use their soil against Afghanistan.

The PTM leader has previously been arrested several times by Police in Pakistan accused of breaking rules and propagating against the Pakistani government the allegations Pashteen has denied.