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Pakistan summons Afghan Charge d’Affaires over university attack

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pakPakistan has summoned Afghan Charge d’Affaires, Sayed Abdul Nasir Yousafi over the deadly attack on Bacha Khan University that Islamabad claims was controlled from Afghanistan.

“He was told that investigations have revealed that handlers of this terrorist act were operating from Afghan territory and used Afghan telecommunication network for planning and executing this attack. In this regard, the relevant details have already been shared with the Afghan side,” reads a statement released by the Foreign Office in Islamabad on Tuesday.

“The Government of Afghanistan was urged to take action against the perpetrators of this heinous act of terrorism and extend cooperation to Pakistani authorities to bring them to justice at the earliest possible.”

But Afghanistan has rejected the claim. Presidential Palace “ARG” says government neither supports terrorist groups nor provided sanctuaries to them.

However, the great-granddaughter of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan or Bacha Khan has said that Pakistan was behind the university attack which left at least 21 people killed and around 50 others wounded.

Yasmin Nigar Khan told the Hindustan Times in an interview that the man known as the Frontier Gandhi is held in such high esteem in Afghanistan that even terrorists from that country would not attack anything named after him.

She also rejected the claim of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that accepted responsibility for the attack saying it was done by Islamabad to “vitiate the minds” of Pakistani Pashtuns against the people of Afghanistan.

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  1. It is very comical that the center of world terrorism, Pakistan military, blames Afghanistan for its terror activities that is conducted on a non stop basis on both side of Durand line.. True Afghans have not committed terror crimes. Only those who have been in the payroll of ISI and living in the safe houses of ISI such as Haqaani group and gulbuddin and traitor talibans. Pakistan sent many of its terror operatives under the name of fighting TTP to Afghanistan that are creating havac in Afghanistan. Many of ISI operatives and terror groups are active on the border. Again, ISI just want to show that they are protecting Pashtuns. Of course, for ISI, pashtun nationalists and figures like Pacha Khan (Abdul Ghafar Khan) is enemy number one. As ISI has been killing, through its agents, nationalist leaders and true moderate Muslims, it is proven that they do not care if all pashtuns and baloch are slaughtered. ISI shamelessly sheds croc tears, but it does not change the fact that pashuns and baloch life does not matter to the agents of Old colonialism (ISI and military leaders of Pakistan). it is not surprising that the trend of deceit and lying and lying again and again that is in the blood of Panjabi and Sindhis military establishment continues and nobody believes you liars word anyway. Your word is something one can fnd in the toilet not somewhere that there is decency.


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