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Pakistan stops release of Taliban prisoners from its jails

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Pakistan release Taliban prisonersAccording to reports Islamabad has suspended to free Taliban prisoners from the Pakistani jails amid growing tensions between the two nations.

The freedom of the prisoners was reportedly suspended by Afghanistan accused Pakistan of sabotaging the fragile peace process.

A senior Pakistani official quoted by Pakistan’s The Express Tribune said, “The focus at the moment is on de-escalating tensions. It has been a while since we last discussed the issue of Taliban releases.”

The official speaking on the condition of anonymity insisted that the delay was not on the part of Pakistan.

“It is Afghanistan which is reluctant to discuss the issue further”, the official told The Express Tribune.

Pakistan released several Taliban detainees from it jails in a bid to assist the Afghan-led peace process. At least 26 prisoners including ailing former Afghan justice minister Nooruddin Turabi, former Helmand governor Abdul Bari, Allahdad Tabib and Azam Kakoo in December at the request of the Afghan government.

However Afghan officials later claimed that the freed Taliban prisoners had joined militant groups despite the act was initially hailed by Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

The move by Pakistan to stop the release of Taliban prisoners comes after Afghan deputy foreign minister recently said that his country could pursue talks with the Taliban without Pakistan.

Strains in ties between the two nations also led to the halt of bilateral session to coordinate and prepare a list of prisoners for their release, as it was agreed during trilateral summit between Kabul, Islamabad and London back in February.

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