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Pakistan Snubs Flood Donation from Bangladesh amid Economic Crisis

FILE: Man half-submerged in flood water carries food in a plastic bag September 3, 2022, Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan rejected Bangladesh’s offer to supply humanitarian aids worth of Tk 14 million (roughly $145,000) according to local media, as the country continued to suffer great loss during monsoon flooding.

On September 1, Bangladesh Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief reportedly allocated funds for 10 tonnes of biscuits, 10 tonnes of dry cakes, 1,00,000 water purification tablets, 50,000 packets of oral saline, 5,000 mosquito nets, 2,000 blankets, and 2,000 tents to be sent to Pakistan.

However, it remains to be seen whether Islamabad would accept the friendly and humanitarian Bangladeshi gesture.

According to Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Awami League government had always been generous towards humanity and that the concerned authorities had been directed to assist in the relief efforts in Pakistan.

“Pakistan Army is reportedly averse to the proposal of aid from Bangladesh as any such relief assistance may undermine Pakistan’s global image,” she said as local media quoted.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi too offered assistance but Islamabad is apparently still undecided whether to accept similar aid from neighboring country amid tough times.



According to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Agency, unprecedented heavy monsoon rains and melting glaciers in the northern mountains of Pakistan resulted in huge floods that affected nearly 33 million people and killed an estimated 1,355 people, including over 450 children.

Having no option of resurrecting the shattered economy due to sheer mismanagement, climate change, and natural calamity, the Pak government has appealed to the international community to provide aid for the flood victims.

“UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also visited (Sept 10) Pakistan to express solidarity with the Pak government and people and to exchange views on the national and global response to this catastrophe caused by climate change,” the report stated.

The USA has responded by announcing an aid of USD 30 million while help has also been promised by the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, and Turkey.



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