President Afghan during a ceremony for handing over medals to military personnel said that Afghanistan is fully prepared and a comprehensive plan for the withdrawal of American troops.

During the ceremony to hand over medals to Afghan National Army members said that we are fully prepared to protect Afghanistan’s premises.

He said on one side there is Republic and the other is enemy, he added, “those who do not stand in the line of the republic” are not part of the government.

The president also added that He says the continued Taliban war does not have legitimacy, the consensus of the Islamic scholars has called this war illegitimate.

Referring to the views and assessments of the regional relations with Afghanistan, President Ghani said Today is the day of decision making for Pakistan.

He further elaborated that If Afghanistan is insecure, Pakistan’s stability and security are also challenged, adding that if Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan, then they will benefit from it.

President Ghani called on Pakistan saying “the choice of friendship and enmity is in your hands”.

If Pakistan chooses amity, “Afghanistan is ready to cooperate in expanding regional and global cooperation with Pakistan”.

At the end of his speech, President Ghani concluded that Afghanistan’s vision is sovereignty, a republic system, democracy, freedom, and independence, and if the Taliban are willing to make peace according to this framework, “our arms are open to them”.

He added the choice of war and its continuity is Taliban’s excuse, and that they will be hold responsible.  


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