Pakistan refuse to open road between Afghanistan and IndiaAuthorities in Pakistan have rejected to open road linking Afghanistan and India for the transportation of trade commodities, it has been reported.

Sources privy to the development have told the local newspapers in India that Pakistan has refused to sign the motor vehicle agreement and to open up the road link for India and Afghanistan.

The sources further added that Pakistan has instead asked India to conduct trade via the Karachi port.

Sources within the Indian establishment quoted by the CNN-IBN have said the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has told Pakistani leadership if they do not open up the road to India, it will deny Pakistan access to Central Asia.

“Pakistan want to expect Afghanistan to be open as far as their access to Central Asia is concerned and its very natural for Afghanistan to expect from out Pakistan neighbours to open up,” Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah has said.

This comes as the Ghani administration has bluntly told Pakistan that Afghanistan can help Pakistan get access to Tajikistan if Pakistan helps India to access Afghanistan.

The message by President Ghani was conveyed to his Indian interlocutors during his formal talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

Pakistan has reportedly blocked Indian efforts to allow transit rights for the transportation of Indian goods to Afghanistan with experts believing that Islamabad cannot tolerate the very thought of India and Afghanistan coming together.