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Pakistan may allow Indian wheat to Afghanistan


Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Ahmad Khan said that his country may allow Indian wheat to Afghanistan through Wagah and Torkham crossing points.

Mansoor Ahmad Khan in a series of Tweets said that he also discussed the modalities of transportation of the wheat through UN and WFP with the head of economic affairs of Afghanistan’s foreign ministry Shafi Azam.

The Pakistani ambassador said he appreciated the current positive momentum in economic engagement between Afghanistan and Pakistan and emphasized the need for further strengthening trade, transit, and economic connectivity.

Earlier, India had complained that Pakistan was not allowing their allocated wheat to reach the people of Afghanistan as the Afghans are going through the toughest humanitarian situation.


  1. Don’t take anything from Indian Govt.,

    India has never been a friend of Afghanistan and Muslim people. During the past 20 years India with NDS,Saleh, Abdullah, Karzia, Almas and the rest of these northern alliance pimps used underage girls and trained them to be sex spies.
    Kahlili(former ambassoder to India) and RAW are/were the brainchild of pimping of Afghan women during Karzia illegal rule of Afghanistan. The war with Afghanistan has been outsourced to India and its RAW.


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