December 15, 2017

Pakistan grants 2,000 scholarships to Afghan students: Official

By Khaama Press - Sat Aug 27 2016, 11:16 am

Pakistan scholarships to Afghan studentsA Pakistani official has said scholarships have been granted to at least 2,000 Afghan students in different colleges in the country including engineering and medical.

Abdul Qadir Baloch has informed regarding the approval of the scholarships to the Afghan students, according to local media reports in Pakistan.

Speaking to media in Pakistan, Baloch said over 7,000 Afghan students were presently studying in Pakistan on self-finance basis.

Baloch further added that over 30,000 Afghans who had completed their education in Pakistan were now serving their country at different government departments, military and multi-national companies.

In other parts of his speech, Baloch said all those who had married Afghan women could get citizenship in accordance with the government policies.

“A summary has been already moved to the prime minister for relaxing all those Afghan refugees who had properties or businesses in Pakistan,” he was quoted as saying in a report by The Daily Times newspaper.

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  1. Why sudden shift of softness towards the Afghans? I thought you Pakis are harassing them in your cities. Could it be you like to trained those 2000 scholars to be terrorist like you.

  2. The Afghans should avoid this Punjabi Terrorist den called Napakistan. Dont fall for these Terrorist ,they only have one thing in mind to brainwash Afghans wth Punjabi Wahabi Terrorism and Punjabi Supremacy and Fascism. Afghans should strengthen their own universities, offer more Masters and PHD programmes and improve the quality of education. Send your students to countries in East and South East Asia,countries like Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia,S Korea,Japan ,China , Europe, US ,Canada ,South America and South Africa. Leave this Terrorist Punjabistan. You will be happier and progress more .

  3. Pakistan should not provide scholarship to afghani students, the most ungrateful nation in whole world.

    Instead Pakistan should money on sending Afghans back to their country Afghanistan. Enough is enough, the time when afghans could come and go without visa and travel documents is passed.

    Instead of giving 2000 scholarship Pakistan should use this money on fencing border with Afghanistan.

    1. Its a good news for Afghans students and we thank from pakistan country.when will the students register their selves for these scholarships?I mean when will you take examinatin for these scholarships?

  4. Son & Reza you guys 1000% right Afghan must stay away from Punjabi terrorists INC meaning PAKMIL-Terrorists Inc. the terrorist factory.

  5. Pakistan (Chatalistan) should not give Afghans scholarships but stop exporting terrorism to our country and shut down terrorists camps on your soil. Non sense

  6. The degrees obtained from Pakistani universities are treated nothing more than toilet paper. Other than teaching hatred of others and creating terrorists across the globe, the Pakistani colleges are good for nothing. These Paki terrorists attack the Afghan universities , kill the professors and destroy schools and then offer scholar ships in Paki schools to make them as terrorists. Afghans now understand these things now.

    1. So please dont come to Pakistan, once all afghans are out of Pakistan, the problems will be less in Pakistan. It should be total no contacct between Pakistan and a terrorist dirty shithoole Afghanistan.

      You there we here. Ealier of Sovjet-Afghanistan was so peaceful, then came Afghans, then came drugs, weapons criminality and unrest in Pakistan . After 45 years you guys are complaining. You guys have used Pakistan as strategic depth in war against Russians, when 6 mil Afghan found refuge in Pakistan and accuses Pakistan to use Afghanistan as strategic depth, shame on you guys. If Pakistan didnt threat Afghanistan as brotherly state Pakistan wouldnt let one single Afghan inside Pakistan. But now Pakistanis are regretting.

      Afghanistan actively gives nutrition to sepratism (Pashtoon/Baloch)element in Pakistan, paradoxically Afghans blame Pakistan for problems in Afghanistan. Thats rude.

  7. Afghans should stop spreading criminality in Pakistan and leave Pakistan . Stop sending drugs, weapon and terrorist to Pakistan. Afghanistan is safe heaven for terrorist operating inside Pakistan responsible for hundreds of attacks.

    Afghanistan have a strong role destabilize with its role in supporting and giving nutrition to anti state terrorist elements in Pakistan such as Baloch and Pashtoon sepratist.

  8. Is these scholarship for universities of pakistan

  9. how we can apply to this scholarships of mbbs in pakistan

  10. Contact Pakistani embassy in Afghanistan to know about scholarship.

  11. Sir,

    how can we apply for these scholarship, announced by the government of Pakistan for Afghan student. Please inform us sir.

  12. To everyone why you people i.e pakistanies says that we are the reasons for everykind of terrorism acts?AMSWER PLEASE…………..

  13. i have studied more in pak and we had been living for almost more than 35 vears

  14. I want to study in Pakistan too but how to get scholarships there from their embassy

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  16. I want to give examonition for master in law

  17. Salaam to All

    i hope you will fine and doing well. please send me the email address of this orgnazation i am strongly apply for BBA i am trying to find the email

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