December 12, 2018

Pakistan FM Hina Rabbani’s love affairs exposed: Rumors

By Sadaf Shinwari - Tue Sep 25 2012, 9:18 am

Social media is abuzz with a shocking revelation of love affair between Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Media reports from Bangladesh suggested that Junior Zardari received a “special gift” from his girlfriend Khar on the day of Eid Ul Fitr. Later, he also received a flower bouquet and a hand-written greeting card stating – “No wonder we waited enough, not its time to give an end to our waiting. Eid Mubarak!”

According to the gossipy Blitzweekly “following Bilawal’s decision of marrying Hina Rabbani Khar, as she is poised to end her marital relations with millionaire businessman Firoze Gulzar, from whom she has two daughters named Annaya and Dina.”

Blitz said “The secret affairs between Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar came to the knowledge of Asif Ali Zardari, when the duo was caught in compromised situation inside the official residence of the President, where his son Bilawal Bhutto also resides. Later, President Zardari collected mobile call records between Bilawal and Hina and found evidences of relations between the two. The relations became much exposed to Asif Ali Zardari, when Hina Rabbani Khar sent Bilawal a greeting card on his birthday on September 21, 2011 with hand-written message stating – “The foundation of our relations is eternal and soon we shall be just ourselves.”

It claimed that, at this stage, sensing his father’s aggressive attitude towards Hina Rabbani Khar, Bilawal expressed anger and even threatened of resigning from the post of Presidency of Pakistan People’s Party.

The tabloid said Bilawal told Asif Ali Zardari that he would settle in Switzerland with Hina Rabbani Khar and her daughters, though later he even told his father that, Hina might leave her daughters with her husband after the divorce.

Zardari has reportedly also made numerous attempts to reconcile relations between Gulzar and Khar with the target of making an end to Hina-Bilawal romance. But nothing worked as Hina was unwilling for such reconciliation.

Hina Rabbani Khar born 19 November 1977 is a Pakistani stateswoman and an economist who is the current and 26th Foreign Minister of Pakistan. Hailing from the powerful feudal family, she embarked her statesmanship in 2002 in the government of Prime minister Shaukat Aziz and subsequently served in the Finance ministry and Foreign ministry as its minister of state.

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  1. This Bangladeshi newspaper, Weekly Blitz has published a couple of reports on the issue stating about “cold war inside Presidential Palace in Pakistan”. There is no official statement or rejoinder to this report from the Pakistani authorities in last 24 hours. Silence of Pakistani authorities give more credibility to this report to be prolific.

  2. Our mentality is of “Purush Pradhan Samaj” so why this hype is being made when a married lady having children wants to marry a young aged gents. But if we look this aspect in reverse then probably his act would have been ignored by our “Purush Pradhan Samaj”.

    1. So what? We all know it is purush pradhan samaj and it is not a bad thing. It does not put a woman into shame. Women are well-respected in our society. You people are falling under global influence.

    2. Why are you quoting this “Purush Pradhan Samaj” again an again ?.
      Id1ots like you are always standing to blame males for what ever reason. This lady having 2 daughters is having an affair with an guy, which is adultery and as per islam everyone knows what the punishment for such crime is. Instead of continuing the affair in the background why don’t she divorces her husband and get married to her so called love.
      Also coming to this level specially in a Islamic country would have not been easy and god knows use kitane papad belane pade to reach where she is now.

    3. Totally agreed with Neha.    Hell this bloody male dominant society .

    4. Yes….you are completely fool girl & stupid

  3. Shame for Pak leadership.These kind of habbits are performed near the non-muslims but why our leader and these kind of people are called himself a muslim.
    Love with any girl is true love for muslims?
    No,love with God ane his last prophet is true love for the muslims.
    Take studay the Quran pak para no.22 for womans.Allah do not give the permission to get out from home for a ruf matter,in Pak our leader are woman.Where are man,and there man.I think thay are against the Islamic Laws,why respect own country law which establish for own needs.think

  4. Abdul Wahid Qamar, you are wrong. You need to research Islam. That verse about women staying at home was a DIRECT COMMANDMENT to the Prophets’ wives ONLY. Another Quran verse says the Prophet’s wives are not like any other women, that they’re special. Further evidence is that the rightly guided Khalifa, Umar, appointed Shifa Bint Abdullah as an administrator for the largest and main market in Mecca. He also appointed Samrah Bint Nuhayk as a police officer for a market in Medina. Also, Khadija, the Prophet’s first wife, was a very prominent business woman. She was very wealthy and held a high position in her business. So please don’t blaspheme Islam. Research it, because you were clearly wrong. If you want to learn, visit websites like Ask the Scholar, and Onislam. They will help you understand Islam much better. Also, it is HARAAM in Islam to make accusations of adultery. If there aren’t 4 pious and reliable witnesses who saw the act of adultery, then the ones who accused are to be lashed 80 times. It is also HARAAM to make one’s sin public. Sins are between the individual and Allah SWT only.

  5. You are saying better in own knowllege.
    I am also a student and traying to learn Islam.But the fact is between us You are learned Islam according to History and Quran,but I am traying to learn Islam with Quran and Hadees which maches the Quran.
    If God says about the wivevs of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H),it is also asked the womans who are accepting the Islam,because Quran is for all the peoples untill the Qumat comes…..
    Please read the Para No.22 of Quran and learn which God says.Read the story of Hazrat Suleman (A.S) which is in Quran Pak (Surah Jin) about the woman empare of a land.This is Quran pak
    Our mothers or the wives of Prophet are also great womens and not maches with the other womans but the Laws of Islam which accept our mothers and these laws are Important for the other muslim womans.
    History may be wronge……………………….But Quran is always true
    So,Keep Quran pak in own views instead historay.

    May Allah bless you may be my English is wronge so keep patien……………

    1. Astaghfurullah. Your comment is offensive and blasphemous. How can such a Muslim say such things? It is clear to me you do not know Islam and you are attempting to speak for Allah and his Prophet. That is very HARAAM. The Rashidun Khalifas were the RIGHTLY GUIDED. Muhammed SAW COMMANDED us to follow the sunnah of the first four who come after him, and that was Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali. We are COMMANDED to follow the ways of the sahaba, and respect them as well. Khalif Umar, the second Kahlifa, appointed Shifa Bint Abdullah as a market administrator in Mecca and appointed Samrah Bint Nuhayk as a police officer in Medina. How can you blaspheme Khalif Umar like that? Shame on you. Some Quran verses were meant for SPECIFIC people and SPECIFIC times, The Quran calls the Prophet’s wives special. Can we attribute that to today’s Muslim women? NO. The verse where it said to keep the wives at home was for the PROPHET’S WIVES ONLY. ONLY FOR THEM. ALL ULEMA have determined this. Please stop insulting Islam. Any Muslim who does so is called an apostate. Repent for what you have said.

  6. You are so excited in own views,and never think what I say and made reply me and showing me in very bad aspects.
    I say in last msg may be history wrong did not say any other thing.I love the Prophet and his Sahaba may be more then you,I beleve there all deedes are always perfect and I beleve there all acts are realy realy true,because thay learnd by the holly prophet (P.B.U.H) according to Quran…Quran is only book in the world in which no doubt,if any body have doubt and go to the other books Quran says him real disbelivier.
    Think as a muslim you are not only muslim in the word.

    Know I want to ask you,where are in Quran other womans rules are mentioned and what?
    I am again says at this time only pick up the book of God,other books may be wronge,If you did not do it and go to history books,you show history books are better,
    I say about your history for womans which you are telling me,this book is wrong,Sahaba (R.A) could not do against the Quran.

    1. Wah bhai Wah Abdul Wahid Qamar. Yur Inglis is Toofan and nalij on Islam is Qiamat. Know I wants to asks yo, who waj yor ushtad. I wants to learnt some nalij from yo if yu hav had tame, Masha Allah yo lock bhery intelligentest to mine naalidge

  7. It amazes me how stupid such people are. You know what? I do not believe you are a Muslim. A proper Muslim would NEVER blspheme the Sahaba, and you are doing it. Your knoweledge in Islam is very limited. We are COMMANDED to respect and FOLLOW the Sahaba. Khadija, was a businesswoman. All Islamic scholars agree on this. She employed Muhammed pbuh. Once again, that verse in the Quran where it says for women to stay at home was FOR THE PROPHET’S WIVES ONLY. And PROOF for this is that the Caliph Umar appointed two women. ALL ISLAMIC scholars agree on this, and you are saying you are right and scholars are wrong. You continue to blaspheme Islam. I suggest you go and read up on Islam, because you know NOTHING.

  8. The history of Islam is VERY WELL RECORDED. So don’t lie.

  9. Hina Rabbani’s lovely woman of world

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