Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Ahamd Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the elimination of gate pass at the Torkham border to facilitate the movement of Afghan people to Pakistan.

Mansoor Ahmed Khan has cited PM Imran Khan’s special assistant in establishment Shehzab Arbab saying as the cabinet made the decision after mass complaints about extortion at Torkham passing point.

“Federal cabinet took notice of complaints of illegal extortion of money from incoming Afghans on Torkham border.” Says Arbab in his Twitter post.

The special assistants wrote the PM Khan has directed smooth crossing only through permission letters and valid visas.

The decision comes as Pakistan closed the Chaman crossing point in the south of Afghanistan on Thursday, September 30.

Local residents say that the crossing point was closed after a verbal conflict between border guards of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistani officials have commented on the Issue yet.