Pakistan Foreign Ministry has reacted to the statements of the Permanent Representative of Afghanistan on Pakistan and called them to be baseless.

Ghulam Muhammad Isahaqzai in his briefing claimed that the Taliban are still enjoying safe havens in Pakistan and are extending their war machine from Pakistan.

“video clips emerging from Durand Line show, the Taliban fighters are gathering close to Pak-afg border, fund-raising events, transfer of dead bodies for mass burial, and treatment of wounded Taliban in Pakistan’s hospitals.” Said Ishaqzai.

In Friday’s special session of UNSC on Afghanistan which was presided by India, Pakistan’s PR to UN Munir Akram’s request for attending the session was denied which prompted Akram and Pakistan’s foreign ministry to issue a strong statement.

The statement reads that Pakistan as the closest neighbor of Afghanistan and a key contributor to the Afghan peace process was not allowed to participate in the session and the platform of the Council was made available for false narratives against Pakistan.

“Afghanistan’s representative propagated disinformation and levelled baseless allegations against Pakistan.” reads the statement.

In the statement, Pakistan foreign ministry claims to be advocating negotiated settlement in Afghanistan as there is no military solution to the conflict in the war-ravaged country.

Pakistan has reiterated that the Afghan government should refrain from blame-game and engage with Pakistan in a meaningful manner so that the challenges to peace and progress in the region are addressed.

The UNSC special session on Afghanistan was concluded with a joint call urging all parties to reduce violence and seek political settlement which was welcomed by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.