Paksitani suicide attackThe Pakistani authorities have claimed the suicide bomber who attacked the court in Mardan city of Pakistan was an Afghan national, in what appears to be a ‘Tit for tat’ policy to respond to Afghanistan’s growing criticisms against Pakistan to allow the Afghan militant groups, specifically the Taliban group and notorious Haqqani terrorist network leadership networks to use its soil against Afghanistan.

The attack carried out on Mardan court followed weeks after a deadly attack targeted a hospital in Quetta city, the provincial capital of Balochistan province, which according to observers, eliminated an entire generation of lawyers in the province.

Despite repeated calls by the Afghan authorities to take sincere actions to eliminate the menace of terrorism on both sides of the so-called border line, Durand Line, the Pakistani authorities have failed to provide a satisfactory response to calls by the Afghan authorities as well as the US authorities to act agaisnt one of the most notorious terrorist networks in the region, the Haqqani terrorist network.

The network is accused of most the deadly attacks agaisnt the Afghan government and US-led coalitoin forces in Afghanistan and was added to the list of the globally designated terrorist network by US in 2012.

According to reports prepared following the deadly attack on Mardan, the suicide bomber was aged between 30 to 35 years and he hails from Afghanistan.

However, nor further elaboration has been made as the authorities claim that the body parts of the attacker have been sent for DNA test.

The reports by local media further adds that the Counter Terrorism Department has registered FIR of Mardan suicide attack against unidentified terrorists.

The Afghan officials have long been criticizing Islamabad for allowing the Taliban group and Haqqani network leaderships to operate using its soil for plotting and coordinating attacks in Afghanistan.


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