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Pakistan, China reiterate release of Afghanistan’s funds


During wide-range bilateral talks between the visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Chinese President Xi Jinping the two stressed provisions of international aid to Afghanistan and asked for the nearly $10 billion assets of the country to be unfrozen.

After the meeting, a joint statement read that the international community should provide the Afghan people with enhanced humanitarian assistance and support the country through unfreezing Afghanistan’s cash now frozen in the western banks.

As per the joint statement, the two are ready to discuss China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with Afghanistan.

Neither the call for the release of funds is the first nor the callers are the first ones, other world leaders and international aid agencies had also called for unfreezing Afghanistan’s assets as the country is going through the worst humanitarian crisis on earth.

Meanwhile, the US has always said that their sanctions on Afghanistan only target the Taliban leaders and do not affect the lives of common people, the case which is untrue and quite the opposite on the ground.



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