Pakistani foreign minister Mahmoud Qureshi has asked the US, IMF, and other countries to release billions of dollars frozen by them so that the situation gets better in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister in his recent interview with AP reiterated that the international community should engage with the Taliban.

Mahmoud Qureshi has said that if the Taliban fulfill the conditions set by the international community, they (the Taliban) will be recognized and have also called on the world to show creativity in negotiations with the Taliban and do not treat them as they used to have been treated.

The Pakistani foreign minister suggested the international community provide the Taliban with development, reconstruction, and economic assistance in order for the Taliban to fulfill the conditions.

The international community has set respect for women’s and humans’ rights, forging an inclusive government, and cutting ties with terror groups as their rights for recognition have not been seen implemented yet.

The plea for an all-inclusive government is not only unanimously raised by the entire world but also by the people in Afghanistan as the caretaker cabinet announced by the Taliban has been under huge criticism in the country.