Reuters reported, officials in Pakistan have arrested a man accused of being a leader of an Islamist militant group.

Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is blamed by India and United States for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, a counter-terrorism official told Reuters.

Reuters reported, Zaki is arrested in relation to terrorism financing, not a specific militant attack.

 “Proscribed organisation LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) leader Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi (has been) arrested on charges of terrorism financing,” a spokesman for the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Pakistani province of Punjab told Reuters.

He is said to have been running a medical dispensary to collect and disburse funds for militant activities.

U.N security council sanctions committee indicated to Reuters that Lakhvi is involved in militant activity in many countries and regions including Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, and Chechnya.

Reuters reported, that Indian authorities have said the surviving member detained during the 2008 Mumbai attacks told the interrogators officials that the assailants were in touch with Lakhvi.

He told this before his execution, 2008 Mumbai attacks left 166 people dead.

The Indian government has long called on the Pakistani government to bring Lakhvi to trial, Lakhvi is reported to have been arrested early but was released on bail, Reuters recently reported.

Lakhvi’s lawyer, Imran Gill has told Reuters that the case would be heard next week.

No further details were provided in regards to the case, previously Hafiz Saeed, an insurgent India claims was the mastermind behind the Mumbai attack was also arrested last year, he still denies his involvement in regards to the matter.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.