The country’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director-General Major General Babar Iftikhar said on Saturday that the army has deployed troops to all borders with Afghanistan.

DG ISPR meanwhile added that illegal crossings with Afghanistan have been sealed and manned by border guards.

Pakistani army

The Major General in his media briefing said that the Pakistan army has placed all security measures keeping in view the situation after the full withdrawal of the US and its allied troops from Afghanistan.

The Pakistani army apparently stepped forward for the deployment of border guards as the security situation in Afghanistan has recently been worsened and the Taliban are now taking territories that were not in their control in past.

Iftikhar linked peace in Pakistan to peace in Afghanistan and added that the country has done much in the peace process of Afghanistan.

The announcement of deployment comes days after the Taliban captured a key crossing point with Pakistan in southeastern Kandahar province and video clips from the Spin Boldak-crossing point- show that the Pakistani army is taking wounded Taliban fighters to hospital in Pakistan.

Fences placing along the border with Afghanistan has now been completed nearly 90 percent and those with Iran are going on rapidly, said the army spokesman.

Tajikistan was the first neighbor of Afghanistan who deployed fresh troops to the borders with Afghanistan after the ongoing conflicts got close to the country.