Afghanistan foreign ministry summoned Pakistani ambassador to Kabul this afternoon after the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Islamabad was manhandled and tortured.

The foreign ministry in its statement said deep concerns regarding the incident that happened in Islamabad were delivered to Pakistani ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan.

The statement further added Mansoor Ahmad Khan was asked to deliver the Afghan government’s concern to Pakistan foreign ministry and asked for tracing the culprits and bringing them to justice. Pakistan government was too pleaded to ensure the safety and impunity of the Afghan diplomats and their families as laid out in international covenants.

Afghan foreign ministry dubbed the incident as unforgivable.

The Pakistani ambassador to Kabul hours after he was summoned in a Twitter post said that PM Imran Khan has ordered the interior ministry to utilize all sources to apprehend the culprits of the incident. Khan has added that the incident should be investigated on top priority.

Pashtoon Tahafoz Movement (PTM) key leader Manzoor Ahmad Pashtoon too condemned the incident that took place in the Pakistani capital.

Pakistan foreign ministry in its press release said Islamabad police has started investigating the incident to trace and apprehend the perpetrators.

The press release further read the Afghan ambassador and his family is given full support in the matter.

The daughter of Afghanistan ambassador to Islamabad Selsela Alikhel was man-handled in Islamabad while riding a rented vehicle. She was then released after being tortured by unknown gunmen.