Pakistan’s embassy based in Kabul in a statement said that up to one thousand Afghan students were allowed to cross Torkham crossing into the country.

The statement that was released on Sunday, October 17 reads that the Afghan students were stranded since the Taliban takeover and were finally allowed in two different batches.

Earlier, hundreds of students were returned from Torkham crossing point after being made to wait for the whole day at the crossing.

Pakistan embassy later said that the students lack proper gate pass to cross.

Pakistan has rarely kept the Torkham crossing point east of Afghanistan and Spin Boldak in the southeast after the Taliban takeover.

The decision has put tens of thousands of people in grave trouble in both countries as they often cross the points for family visits, education, and business.

Closure of the crossings has also put Afghan traders in trouble and were inflicted heavy financial loss as their exports- fresh fruits and vegetables- rotten in trucks waiting at the crossing points.