The Ambassador of Pakistan Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry met with a US Senator in the aftermath of the militants attack on Pakistani troops in Bajaur Agency near the Durand Line with Afghanistan.

According to reports, in his meeting with the Senator Jack Reed, the Pakistani Ambassador briefed the Senator regarding the alleged threats posed to the country from the militants.

Insisting that Pakistan and US should jointly work for the stability in Afghanistan, Mr. Chaudhry said Pakistan would continue its support to wipe out the menace of terrorism in a bid to maintain peace in the region.

This comes as the Afghan officials believe the ongoing violence in Afghanistan resulting to regional instability has links with the terror outfits having safe havens in Pakistan.

According to the Afghan officials, the Haqqani terrorist network and Taliban safe havens are located in the key cities of Pakistan and only elimination of such sanctuaries could help bring peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

Washington has also increased pressures on Pakistan to take actions against the terrorist group, specifically the Haqqani terrorist network, which the US and Afghan officials believe have safe havens in Pakistan.

The US Congress in its latest move restricted Washington’s military aid and subjected the release of the funds to certification of Pakistan’s steps against the network.