Pak-Afghan Youth Forum is a youth-focused think tank that looks forward to holding more webinars and events addressing areas of mutual importance and cooperation to facilitate stronger relations between both countries.

Pak-Afghan Youth Forum held a cross-border media session through a video conference between notable media professionals from Afghanistan and Pakistan, at around 10 am Afghanistan time.

The session stressed the role of media in the Afghan peace process and future regional development, Key guests were Mahmood Jan, Deputy Speaker KP assembly of Pakistan and the panel had Khalida Rasheed, Khalid Olfat, Mujtaba Qasim, and Nargis representing Afghan media and Sumaira Khan, Rifatullah Orokzai and Ejaz Ahmed were representing Pakistani Media.

Pakistani journalists were mostly happy with the peace process in Afghanistan and stressed that the two countries should expand ties with each other, adding that from now on, the representatives of the two countries should meet each other in every field through idea exchange.

Pakistani panel advised both countries should impart and exhibit knowledge on mutual traditions,  adding that the dramas that are aired in Pakistan should be aired in Afghanistan at a lower price, and the Afghan programs should be broadcasted in Pakistan.

Afghan Journalists stressed, that Pakistani journalists should support peace and ask their government to do their utmost in bring peace to Afghanistan, and demanded that both sides should meet and exchange views on trade, politics, civil society, youth, women, and other relevant issues.

Afternoon dialogues included Pakistani Senator, Faisal Javed, and representatives of Pakistani media were Tahir Khan, Farzana Ali, Munzae Jahangir, and Naeemullah Yousufzai, the afghan side consisted of Mir Aqa Popal, Shazia Haya, Munizah Abbasi, and Asad Daudzai.

The second session focused on media and bilateral relations, in which the journalists emphasized over sports and games to facilitate peace and development between the two countries, adding the importance of sports games to be held between the two countries for paving the way for the stability of bilateral relations.

Journalists discussed the increased exchange of sports commentators, “as well as players for each other’s leagues”.

Besides collaboration in the broadcast of dramas without focusing on profit, the media authorities should facilitate on-ground reporters across the Afghan-Pak border.

During the session Journalists of both nations emphasized on honest, and true representation of conditions rather than political entanglements, or be involved in constant patriotic values, balanced values should be considered more than fueling mistrust.

It is discussed that both sides should not publish anything that would harm peace or relations between the two nations.

Threats to Afghan women journalists were also discussed in the session and solutions were discussed, that female journalist must be accepted and valued as they can cover some issues better.

There was a mutual tendency for collaboration during the dialogues, as the event allowed panelists to openly discuss their grievances and interact with one another.

The conference comes as peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar have been delayed for 20 days, with both delegations leaving Qatar.

The Afghan delegation went to Kabul and the Taliban to Pakistan.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.