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Painting empowers deprived Afghan girls

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati
Ramish Angis in her Painting Studio.

Ramisha Angiz is a young woman who runs an art studio near the Pule-e-Surkh/Red Bridge intersection. Every afternoon, she paints canvases in her studio, creating a collection that represents an idealized vision of a small town called Arman/Ideal City, composed of colours, nature, happiness, water and hope elements that are increasingly scarce in the lives of people in Afghanistan today.

In her paintings, Ramisha uses bright colours, combining the green of nature, the blue of the sky, and a unique white that reflects the play of light on the water’s surface. Her artworks’ gentleness and particular realism starkly contrast the harsh realities of the world. This is why her studio has become a special place of tranquillity for her students.

Many girls come to this art studio to learn painting. One of the students is Malika Habib, a third-year philosophy and sociology student at Kabul University. She teaches painting in this studio and believes that art provides a sense of peace to humans. After the universities close, art soothes her and keeps her hope for the future alive.

Malika Habib says she feels upset when falling behind in her studies and coursework. However, she always tries to address that feeling with her efforts and does not let this sense of disappointment turn her into a recluse from society. These challenges encourage her to put in more effort and have the determination and ambition to overcome obstacles and reach her goals.

Malika Habib, a third-year philosophy and sociology student at Kabul University.

Ramisha Angiz said that she sometimes sees the intricacies created by humans, and these acts of craftsmanship capture her attention. She has a unique perspective on life and existing phenomena. She easily connects with objects and enjoys working with colour and visualizing what she sees or feels. Her passion and enthusiasm for living in the works she has created are evident, forming the artistic excellence of her Shirazi paintings.

She graduated in the field of painting from the Fine Arts College of Kabul
University and has also completed her studies in dentistry at a private
university. Ms. Ramishs teaches at an institute in the medical field and has
been involved in artistic activities for over three years.

In addition to teaching painting, this art workshop provides a safe and nurturing space for girls and boys. As a place that excels in creativity and art, this workshop facilitates communication and interaction among young people, encouraging them to exchange artistic ideas and experiences.

Malika Habib’s efforts to excel in art and education demonstrate that art enthusiasts can shape their futures and succeed even in challenging and complex circumstances by using their art and creativity.

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