stranded-afghan-migrantsAmid steep rise in the number of Afghan asylum seekers in the European countries, over 80,000 Afghan migrants will face being deported in the near future under a secret EU plan, it has been reported.

The mass repatriation under a secret EU plan is being mulled amid warnings of a new influx as the country descends into chaos and members of the Afghan government appearing reluctant to cooperate with the repatriation of the migrants.

According to the The Daily Telegraph, citing the secret EU plan, the European Commission will threaten to reduce aid to Afghanistan that represents 40 per cent of the country’s GDP unless the “difficult” Kabul government agrees to the mass repatriation of tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers.

Admitting the collapse of the fragile state with the delivery of the financial threat, the Afghan elite in return for Kabul’s cooperation would be rewarded with university places in Europe.

The potential offer is part of an explicit EU strategy to use aid and trade as “incentives” for foreign governments to take back migrants.

Sent to national ambassadors on 3rd March, the plan warns there is a “high risk of further migratory flows to Europe, noting record levels of terrorist violence in Afghanistan, which resulted in 11,000 civilian casualties last year, and a failing economy.

It also adds “There are 1.1 million internally displaced Afghans and 5.4 million sheltering in Pakistan and Iran, whose situation is “precarious, without reliable long-term perspectives.”

According to reports, around 176,000 Afghans claimed asylum in the EU last year, with around six in 10 eligible for refugee status.