Over 100 staff of private construction firm poisoned in KabulAccording to reports over 100 employees of a private construction company Onyx were poisoned and admitted to hospital on Sunday morning.

Officials in Ibne Sina Antani hospital said around 104 employees of Onyx construction company were admitted to this hospital due to food poisoning while more patients from the same company were being admitted to the hospital.

A number of the Onyx construction company employees said they started feeling dizziness, nausea, stomach pain and weakness after eating dinner on Saturday night.

Head of the  Ibne Sina Antani hospital Dr. Abdul Rahman Akbari quoted by Radio Free Eruope (RFE) said the health condition of the patients were satisfactory.

However another Onyx construction company employee denied food poisoning and said the employees fall sick after ignoring health and safety regulations and fall ill due to cold weather.