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Opinion: How the Afghanistan Cricket Board could fight the recent organizational challenges

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Abdullah Barakzai
Abdullah Barakzai
Abdullah Barakzai is a senior advisor in strategic communication to the chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board. He has graduated with first class degree in civil engineering from Pune University, India.

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Afghanistan Cricket Board is the national body of governing Cricket in Afghanistan, it is the home of Afghan champions & aspiration which binds the hopes and happiness of all Afghans. But most of the time management gaps & management failures caused problems to this proudest organization & undermined past achievements which disappointed cricket fans. Luckily under the new has taken swift actions to diagnose & solve the challenges in a good manner which will lead this national body (ACB) toward proudest organization again & relive the hopes of its fans.

In this article I am going to expose the recent problems, plots behind the scenes & management gaps followed by and how the current leadership overcame all these with the smart leadership.

The 2019 50-overs CWC was just 2 months away when ex- management took inept and unnecessary step to fire Asghar Afghan from captaincy after over 4 year successful term. He was one of successful captains internationally & the most successful captain in Afghanistan cricket history with most wins under his belt for Afghanistan. The decision to replace him was wrong & this led into worse consequences at the end for Afghanistan cricket.

Due to that decision, the Afghanistan cricket team split into two parts which caused psychological problems to the players & resulted Afghanistan cricket team to lose all 9 official matches in the world cup & return without a win from England. It was the toughest days for Afghan cricketers in their lives caused by the miss management of that time leadership. This caused miss trust among players & damaged their brotherhood & unity, the thing which is the most important thing for a team to succeed. This was the start of other problems among the national team.

In the meantime some politicians & ex-officials of Afghanistan Cricket Board took advantage of the opportunity and further developed discord among players for their own revenge and illegitimate interests which made the situation even worse. Cricket should be considered as a national game because the players are representing Afghanistan internationally & their glories spark Afghanistan name in the world, but unfortunately, they didn’t do so & went further by doing different deals to get the chairman seat, they damaged the image of Afghanistan Cricket and acted as a revenge, even they are still active behind the scenes.

Despite of all these problems, the current management of Afghanistan Cricket Board under leadership of Mr.Farhan Yousefzai has made some great decisions which re-gained the faith & love of public toward the cricket game and it won’t be far way to see Afghanistan cricket team shine again and win more matches in the upcoming 2020 T20 cricket world cup & other bilateral & regional competitions. They will be flying again the proud flag of Afghanistan globally in International stages with their victories.

From right: Asghar Afghan the captain, Farhan Yusefzai the Chairman, Gulbuddin Naib the ex captain

Hiring a successful and talented head coach ,re-appointing Asghar Afghan as a national team captain, required changes in the selection committee, tangible plans for domestic and international cricket, improvement in cricketers’ skills & fitness, developing and revising policies & regulations of ACB departments, going to 2020 fiscal year without budgetary deficit, administrative reforms, constructing infrastructures, firing corrupt employees and other fundamental activities & steps taken for positive changes and productive achievements in the organization.

In addition to those achievements, current leadership successfully solved some misunderstandings and conflicts where previous managements failed to address those challenges; the recent example is solving the controversy/conflict raised between former ODI captain Gulbadin Naib and Asghar Afghan over the re-appointment of Asghar Afghan as a captain of Afghanistan cricket team. it is worthy of mentioning that re-appointment of Asghar Afghan as a captain of Afghanistan national team aimed reforms, as the decision was largely & warmly welcomed by Afghans as 2020 T20 cricket world cup is on the corner & we have some important international cricket fixture ahead. This needs Afghanistan Cricket Board to appoint a leader who have enough leadership experience and skills to increase the chances of wining. Although the decision was challenged by various sides and tried to create a mess & cause controversy among cricket players, but the leadership didn’t allow them to separate players & let them to succeed. Instead the leadership resolved the issue with best possible mediation skills and technique. They succeeded to bring both sides together, created a friendly or brotherly atmosphere in order to bring back the victory, glory and ambition to Afghanistan national cricket team which would  result the victory, happiness and proud to the Afghan Nation.

Unity, coordination & cooperation among all cricket players, glory, victory & happiness for Afghan people, creating passion for the game of cricket, administrative reforms, transparency in all activities, construction of standard cricket grounds, financial stability in the organization and having best possible workforce are the major goals of current leadership of the Afghanistan Cricket Board which will play a significant role in the organization’s stability.

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  1. Great Article.

    The main problem still has not been identified i.e handovering strategic positions in ACB to non- technical persons. With due respect, CEO of ACB is banned from visiting ICC head office located in UAE, The Author is civil engineer and he is advisor to ACB chairman in strategic communications. Plz explain if you guys have contacted any foreign cricketing boards for bilateral series apart from FTP, if you have made progress in attracting Main Sponsorship deals, if you have identified any core revenue streams. Hosting Full Members will cost ACB most of the ICC funds of around 5 million. How will you cope up with infrastructure development and domestic cricket with building capacities technically as well. The admin cost is sky high. All these factors results in un-favorable variances in relation to Expense V Revenue. Team has always performed better in the ground and will perform better in upcoming stages as well. Asghar is a good captain but any plan for investing in future captains except Rashid who is favoring self interest over national intetest.


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