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Op-Ed: No place for Taliban in Kabul

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Fears of Taliban reemergence have coincided with the peace talks that began around eighteen months ago between the US and the Taliban. Afghan people and political analysts likewise doubted the negotiations to be providing a political platform for recognizing an insurgent group as a political address and that the Taliban will appear with the same power and dominance they possessed in the late 90s. These fears gained after the negotiating sides reached a peace deal and Taliban conditioned talks with the Afghan government. Now, have the Taliban really been empowered enough to rule Afghanistan again? Based on the following items, the Taliban will never be capable to return to its pre 9/11 rule.

The five-year dominance by the Taliban which was on approximately 90% of Afghanistan somehow gives the Taliban a clue to gain sovereignty again but it seems merely a fantasy. In 1994 Taliban emerged as a group of religious and pious youths who quit their madrasas to tackle societal degeneration. Small armed fractions throughout Afghanistan have turned the country into an inhumane region. Extortion, robbery, homosexuality, mugging, nailing on the head and many other sorts of assassinations had dominated the country. Taliban who aimed to root out the misery and turn back to their madrasas were warmly welcomed. They somewhat succeeded but did not go back to their religious school and gained political power instead. Taliban established their own regime and began to implement a harsh and extremist version of Islam.

They ruled the Kabul where less than a quarter people lived with comparison to over 4,5 million dwellers in the city now. Taliban ruled over people with severe trauma from the most savage form of the civil war who had no choice but to embrace the regime in which at least their teenagers were immune to homosexuality. The conflicts prior to the Taliban regime made millions of people to migrate. Among the migrants there were the elites, intellectual, university, and school teachers, high-ranking military and civil officials and social/women activists. The exile provided the Taliban with an uneasy platform to rule over the people who could not afford to leave the country, who were illiterate, unaware of their rights and of civilization at all. Thus they were yes men only who could not dare to raise their voice or resist. So the Taliban in the late 1990s ruled over wreckage and people who had not seen the modern lifestyle and knew nothing about their rights.

Kabul today is the largest city of Afghanistan which is also an economic and educational center of the country. From a demography perspective, more than 60% of people in Kabul are literate, around 30% of people in the city now go to universities and over 38% of people are busy doing business. There is also a large proportion of women engaged in education, politics, and the economy. Tens of radio and television networks, rights of access to information, civil and women activists, human rights commission and other international institutions who work in this regard had collectively made the society civil enough. Security forces, on the other hand, have been considered as the strongest and most reliable protectors of people who are well equipped and professionally trained.

The aforementioned facts simply prove that this society is not suitable for the Taliban to rule over. It strongly differs from the one in 1994. The ideology, political approaches, economic affairs, and all their social norms are of no good anymore. As per all the realities given, Kabul will not fall in the hands of those extremists again.

It is up to the Taliban to get rid of their primitive approaches and stop killing innocent people and vandalizing public facilities for the sake of gaining power. They will not only be backed internally but there won’t be any other nation who will recognize them officially. Taliban as Afghan citizens can fairly be merged in current Afghan society but accepting them as rulers is intolerable to people.

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